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Welcome to the Gippsland Septic Service Website

Gippsland Septic Service provides a friendly solution to your septic waste in West, South and Central Gippsland.

Gippsland Septic Service is committed to offering friendly, good old fashioned service at competitive prices. We are a new business, with the skills and experience to ensure your septic waste system is maintained and working efficiently.

About Us

At Gippsland Septic Service, we specialise in domestic septic waste solutions, giving our customers personal service and piece of mind. We are owner operated, so you deal directly with us. Whether you have a traditional septic tank or a modern style treatment plant, we can service and maintain your system to current Shire Council and environmental standards.

Our Service

We are looking forward to giving the people of Gippsland quality service, with reliability & friendliness our core values. Your septic system is our top priority, & will be cleaned & maintained correctly to maximise functionality. We intend to build strong relationships with all our customers going forward, as we understand repeat clientele will forge the base of our growth. Gippsland Septic Service invites you to let us maintain your septic system, with our professional, country style service.

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We offer competitive prices in the current market, and Gippsland Septic Service will ensure you get best value for money. We will take the extra time to guarantee your septic system is restored to full working condition, and you, the customer, are fully satisfied with our service. We give discounts to multi septics on the same site, twin chamber treatment plants and dual occupancy residences. Contact us today to know more about our services.



Diagram of a Septic Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you service?

We service the Pakenham, Drouin, Yarragon and Korumburra areas of Gippsland, and all surrounding towns and locations. We will almost go anywhere! Give us a call and we will organise to come to you.

How often should I clean my septic tank?

Septic tanks should be inspected and cleaned every 3 years to prevent costly failures.

How does a septic tank work?

A septic tank accepts all wastewater from a house. Naturally occurring bacteria break down the waste into solids, which settle on the bottom, and scum, which settles on the top. The remaining wastewater in the middle is then channelled through a series of pipes for dispersion under the lawn, known as a leach field.

Why does a septic tank system fail?

After many years or heavy usage, the solids and scum can build up to unacceptable levels and prevent the drainage of wastewater into the leach field. Most people notice this due to an unusually wet lawn, or a toilet that wont flush properly, as the waste has nowhere to go. Routine maintenance can prevent costly failures.

I’m on septic, what cant I put down the drain?

Many kitchen and bathroom cleaners are unsuitable to put in septic tanks as they contain chemicals such as bleach, which kill the good bacteria in your tank and cause premature failure. Check product labels for suitability. Sanitary napkins and disposable nappies will also cause a blockage and result in failure.

How much does it cost to clean my septic?

The average septic tank is usually 3200 litres, and costs around $400 to clean, provided we have direct access to the lid. Prices can vary with tank size, accessibility to the tank and problems found, if any. Generally tanks just need a clean out and no further cost is incurred.

Where is the septic waste taken?

Gippsland Septic Service has a tanker agreement with several wastewater treatment plants, operated by Victorian Government Water Authorities.

How long before you can clean out my septic?

Gippsland Septic Service will endeavour to meet our customers needs by acting in a timely manner, as we understand sometimes things just can’t wait. Routine cleanouts will be done within 3 days, usually sooner, and emergency work as required.

Are you registered?

Yes, we are registered.

What hours are you open?

We are available from 07:00am to 07:00pm 7 days a week. We also provide 24 hour emergency service.

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